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Physics-of-failure and computer-aided simulation fusion approach with a software system for electronics reliability analysis
Bo Sun 1
Yi Ren 1
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School of Reliability and Systems Engineering Beihang University 100191, Beijing, China
Publication date: 2020-06-30
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2020;22(2):340-351
Electronics, such as those used in the communication, aerospace and energy domains, often have high reliability requirements. To reduce the development and testing cost of electronics, reliability analysis needs to be incorporated into the design stage. Compared with traditional approaches, the physics of failure (PoF) methodology can better address cost reduction in the design stage. However, there are many difficulties in practical engineering applications, such as processing large amounts of engineering information simultaneously. Therefore, a flexible approach and a software system for assisting designers in developing a reliability analysis based on the PoF method in electronic product design processing are proposed. This approach integrates the PoF method and computer-aided simulation methods, such as CAD, FEM and CFD.The software system integrates functional modules such as product modeling, load-stress analysis and reliability analysis, which can help designers analyze the reliability of electronic products in actual engineering design. This system includes software and hardware that validate the simulation models. Finally, a case study is proposed in which the software system is used to analyze the filter module reliability of an industrial communication system. The results of the analysis indicate that the system can effectively promote reliability and can ensure the accuracy of analysis with high computing efficiency.
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