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New approach of model based detection of early stages of fuel injector failures
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Publication date: 2023-01-27
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2023;25(1):6
  • Electric waveforms controlling fuel injectors were presented along with their mathematical modelling.
  • Typical injector failures and the ways of detecting them using electric current signals were described.
  • Model-based method for early detection of failures in electromagnetic valves was proposed.
The aim of the work was to develop a method of real time diagnosing electromagnetic fuel injectors using the observation of electric current parameters available in the engine control unit. Performing this task required finding a precise criterion for assessing the correct operation of an electromagnetic injector. For this purpose, a mathematical model describing the individual phases of the injector's operation was used, allowing the simulation of the occurrence of typical failures. On its basis, symptoms of particular failures were determined based on the observation of electric current parameters in the control circuit. Observation of voltage and current waveforms allows to locate both electrical and mechanical damages to the injectors and to assess the correctness of the power system components. The presented diagnostic method allows the detection of the described damages in the early stages of their development, which prevents damage to the catalytic converter and other engine systems (valves, piston rings or cylinder surfaces), i.e. damages resulting from an incorrect fuel mixture.
Modeling the dynamics of changes in CO2 emissions from Polish road transport in the context of COVID-19 and decarbonization requirements
Anna Borucka, Edward Kozłowski
Combustion Engines
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