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Improving efficiency of horizontal ribbon mixer by optimizing its constructional and operational parameters
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Department of Agricultural, Forest and Transport Machines University of Life Sciences in Lublin ul. Głęboka, 20-612 Lublin, Poland
North-Eastern Agricultural Scientific-Research Institute, Kirov, Russia Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lenin Str., 610017 Kirov, Russia
Publication date: 2019-06-30
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2019;21(2):220-225
The homogeneity of mixing various feed mixture ingredients and the reliability of mixers directly depend on the constructional features of mixing devices and operational parameters of their work. This article presents a theoretical underpinning for the structural (design) specifications of a horizontal ribbon auger mixer (blender) with regard to the fulfilment of the condition when the material is transported by auger tapes in different directions, ensuring the efficient mixing of the feed mixture ingredients and timely material unloading from the mixer tank (hopper). The performed optimization of the structural and operational specifications as a result of experimental studies has allowed to increase the reliability of the mixer and to determine the homogeneity coefficient of the finished product, which reaches its the highest value of 94.13% with the forward direction of rotation of the mixer movable operating elements, when mixing time is 13 minutes and when the tank load is 52.4% of its volume.
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