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From "a priori" to "a posteriori" static stability of the slewing superstructure of a bucket wheel excavator
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University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Kraljice Marije 16, 11120 Belgrade 35, Serbia
Publication date: 2018-06-30
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2018;20(2):190-206
The complexity of the slewing superstructure (SS) balancing problem derives from the changeability of its geometric configuration, the complexity of working conditions as well as multiple limitations of the possible set of solutions. Having in mind the fact that the existing reference literature does not fully specify the procedure of static stability proof, the aforementioned procedure is presented in detail for the first time in this paper. A major contribution is represented in the classification of the slewing superstructure models into two groups which were named: the ‘a priori’ model (designed image of the SS) and the ‘a posteriori’ model (actual image of the SS). The fundamental stages of the ‘a posteriori’ model development method are presented in the paper. The transformation and validation of the calculation model ‘a priori’ to the calculation model ‘a posteriori’ was conducted on the basis of weighing results. A calculation of the basic parameters of the bucket wheel excavator (BWE) superstructure was conducted for both analyzed models by using the in-house developed software. The ‘a posteriori’ models provide a reliable calculation of the SS static stability and may be used not only for static stability proof of the machine as a whole, but also for load analysis of substructures and elements of BWE and related surface mining machines, such as spreaders. Besides that, the previously mentioned models are of extreme importance for a successful and reliable exploitation and maintenence of the machine since they present the basis for adjustment and control of limiting winch rope forces values, periodic control of mass and center of gravity position, as well as for a possible reconstruction which would be conducted in order to realize better customization of the machine versus operating conditions
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