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Failure analysis of a high-speed induction machine driven by a SiC-inverter and operating on a common shaft with a high-speed generator
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Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, ul. Fiszera 14, 80-231 Gdańsk, Poland
Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, Gabriela Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233, Gdańsk, Poland
SGI Engineering, MMB Drives Sp. z o.o., Maszynowa 26, 80-298 Gdańsk, Poland
Publication date: 2022-03-31
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2022;24(1):177-185
  • A numerical analysis of the failure of a high-speed turbomachine was performed.
  • Run-out analysis was carried out after the failure was performed.
  • Modifications to the design of a test rig for highspeed generators were analysed.
  • Rolling bearings and their influence on rotor dynamics were analysed.
Due to ongoing research work, a prototype test rig for testing high speed motors/generators has been developed. Its design is quite unique as the two high speed machines share a single shaft with no support bearings between them. A very high maximum operating speed, up to 80,000 rpm, was required. Because of the need to minimise vibration during operation at very high rotational speeds, rolling bearings were used. To eliminate the influence of higher harmonics of supply voltage and current on the formation of torque oscillations on the shaft and excessive losses in the form of heat, a voltage source inverter with high switching silicon carbide (SiC) power transistors characterizing high precision of the output voltage generation with a fundamental harmonic frequency of several kilohertz has been used. During the first start-ups, it turned out that the system was not stable, and a failure occurred. The paper presents the consequences that may arise when a machine operating at a speed of about 70,000 rpm fails. The article contains pictures of a generator failure that occurred at a high rotational speed.
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