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Evaluation of the efficiency of the delivery process in the technical object of transport infrastructure with the application of a simulation model
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Online publication date: 2023-01-27
Publication date: 2023-01-27
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2023;25(1):1
  • Queue theory can be used to model and analyze elements of Logistics systems,
  • Cargo delivery handling in the object is important process influencing its reliability,
  • Computer support allows to run of simulations and analysis of the process reliability,
  • The process is defining the aim of model, the selection of parameters and design variants,
  • A properly structured model allows for the verification of the system and its operation.
The article presents the issue of assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of a logistics process with the use of a simulation model and queue theory. The process that has been analyzed is the process of goods’ delivery at the technical object. Firstly, a literature review was carried out. Next, the authors described the process using the QT (Queueing Theory). This was possible due to the fact that QT is widely used in the analysis of systems as well as the assessment of their effectiveness, maintenance, and reliability. The description, characteristics and graphic presentation of the system in which the process is carried out have been included in the study too. Then the process was implemented in the computer simulation environment. Simulations were carried out and four variants of the system operation were analyzed. The comparison of the operating parameters of the system for each variant allowed for a detailed analysis of its operation and the influence of selected factors on the implementation of the process as well as it effectiveness or reliability
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