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Dynamic reliability evaluation of buried corroded pipeline under rockfall impact
Chun Su 1,2
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Southeast University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing 211189, China
Hunan University of Science and Technology, Hunan Provincial Key Lab of Health Maintenance for Mechanical Equipment, Xiangtan 411201, Hunan, China
Publication date: 2022-06-30
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2022;24(2):275-288
  • The relationship between pipeline stress and rockfall parameters is quantified.
  • Dynamic response of buried corroded pipeline under load impact is analyzed.
  • The corroded pipeline’s dynamic reliability under rockfall impact is evaluated.
Load impact, such as the rockfall, may bring significant threats to the integrity management of pipeline. This study is intended to evaluate the reliability of buried pipeline under rockfall impact, and so as to reduce the possible failure and unnecessary downtime. Firstly, the dynamic response of the buried pipeline under load is analyzed by Euler Bernoulli foundation beam. After that, the process of rockfall impact on buried corroded pipeline is simulated with nonlinear finite element method. Furthermore, the influence of rockfall’s parameters (including rockfall mass, impact velocity, impact position, etc.) on the pipeline’s equivalent stress is quantitatively analyzed. Eventually, a time-varying reliability model is established to calculate the failure probability. The results indicate that the mass and velocity of the rockfall have obvious influence on the pipeline’s failure probability, and the change of impact’s position has small influence. The proposed method can provide a theoretical reference for the design and maintenance of buried pipeline.
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Mingjiang Xie, Yifei Wang, Jianli Zhao, Xianjun Pei, Tairui Zhang
Reliability Engineering & System Safety
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Yifei Wang, Mingjiang Xie, Chun Su
Reliability Engineering & System Safety
Large-Scale Experimental Study of the Response of Steel Buried Pipe Subjected to Rockfall Impacts
Gholamhosein Tavakoli Mehrjardi, Masoud Kavandi, Farough Amini, Mohammadjavad Tajlil Tabrizi, Seyyed Mohammadjalal Mirrahimi
Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
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