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Thermal error modeling of spindle and dynamic machining accuracy reliability analysis of CNC machine tools based on IA and LHSMC
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Shanghai Maritime University, Logistics Engineering College, Shanghai, 201306, China
Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co.Ltd., Heilongjiang, 161005, China
Beijing Union University, College of Robotics, Beijing, 100027, China
Publication date: 2022-03-31
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2022;24(1):100-113
  • A thermal error model of spindle unit is developed based on IA.
  • A machining accuracy model considering the thermal error is constructed based on MBS.
  • The machining accuracy reliability analysis method is presented based on LHSMC.
  • The effectiveness of the method is verified by a four-axis machine tool.
Machining accuracy reliability as a key index of CNC machine tools is seriously influenced by the geometric and thermal errors. In the paper, a spindle unit thermal error modeling and machining accuracy reliability analysis method is proposed. By analyzing the heat generation mechanism, a thermal error model was developed to describe the thermal deformation of the electric spindle. Based on the immune algorithm (IA), the heat generation power and the heat transfer coefficient were optimized, and the thermal error was obtained by finite element thermal-mechanical coupling. By adopting the multi-body system theory (MBS), a dynamic machining accuracy model was put forward including the geometric and thermal errors. Based on the Latin hypercube sampling Monte Carlo method (LHSMC), a machining accuracy reliability analysis method was proposed to characterize the machining accuracy reliability considering the geometric and thermal errors. The method was employed to a machine tool, and the experimental results indicate the verification and superiority of the method.
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