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Mission reliability–centered maintenance approach based on quality stochastic flow network for multistate manufacturing systems
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Online publication date: 2022-06-09
Publication date: 2022-06-09
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2022;24(3):455–467
  • Connotations of the mission reliability and maintenance quality are expounded.
  • QSFN is established to characterize the evolution of the mission reliability.
  • A quality-oriented mission reliability–centered maintenance method is proposed.
  • A manufacturing system example of subway flow receiver is implemented.
Previous studies of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) rarely consider the maintenance quality for the operation condition monitoring of manufacturing system. Therefore, a quality-oriented maintenance approach for the multistate manufacturing system with the aid of mission reliability is proposed. First, connotations of the mission reliability and maintenance quality of the multistate manufacturing system are expounded on the basis of the operational mechanism. Second, a quality stochastic flow network (QSFN) model of the multistate manufacturing system is established, and a novel mission reliability model is presented. Third, a quality-oriented mission reliability–centered maintenance framework for multistate manufacturing systems is proposed, and the optimal integrated maintenance strategy is obtained by minimizing the total cost. Finally, an industrial example of subway flow receiver is presented to verify the proposed method. Results show that the proposed method can simultaneously balance the maintenance cost and maintenance quality of the multistate manufacturing system.
Reliability Modeling and Rework Strategy Evaluation of Manufacturing System based on Stochastic-flow Network
Q. Zheng, W. Duan, W. Dai, Y. Zhao
2022 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)