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Comparative analysis of small size non-pneumatic tires and pneumatic tires - radial stiffness and hysteresis, selected parameters of the contact patch
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Military University of Technology, Warsaw Poland
Submission date: 2023-02-02
Final revision date: 2023-03-22
Acceptance date: 2023-06-01
Online publication date: 2023-06-12
Publication date: 2023-06-12
Corresponding author
Marcin Żmuda   

Military University of Technology, Warsaw Poland
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność – Maintenance and Reliability 2023;25(3):167362
  • The radial stiffness, hysteresis, contact patch of non-pneumatic (NPTs) and pneumatic tires (PTs) were compared.
  • NPTs have a higher radial stiffness compared to PTs.
  • The flexible cell structure increases the energy losses associated with the vertical displacements of the axle of the NPT.
  • NPTs have a shorter length of the contact patch and the shape of the tread area allows to change the width of the contact patch.
Nowadays, non-pneumatic tires are becoming an increasingly likely alternative to pneumatic tires. The function of compressed air has been taken over by the belt and the elastic structure (materials used and shape of the components). The research presented in the paper was carried out in quasi-static conditions. The research's aim was to compare the radial stiffness, hysteresis and selected parameters of the contact patch of two non-pneumatic tires and four pneumatic tires used interchangeably in ATVs/UTVs. Analizowane opony niepneumatyczne charakteryzują się większą sztywnością radialną niż opony pneumatyczne tego samego rozmiaru. The analyzed non-pneumatic tire with a cellular structure has the highest hysteresis of the radial characteristics of the tested wheels and the highest values of the unit pressure in the area of contact patch. The paper also verified two methods of calculating the contact patch length of non-pneumatic tires.
This work was financed/co-financed by Military University of Technology under research project UGB 763/2022.
Numerical studies of the energy absorption capacities and deformation mechanisms of 2D cellular topologies
Mateusz Majdak, Paweł Baranowski, Jerzy Małachowski
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